Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bo0st up y0ur spiRit-Why Do Some Fail Who Deserve to Succeed?

All around us we see few successes but many failures. While some have made it a business of succeeding at everything they do there are many who are fated to fail.

On the other hand majority fall into category of successes interspersed with failures.

Who are the people who are fated to fail? The ill natured, the unsociable, the ignorant, lazy, a spendthrift, a liar and crook are all destined for failure. You look at a person and his predominantly negative characteristics; you know for certain he is a failure in all that he has attempted. Unfortunately the person bestowed with such characteristics never realizes that the cause of failure is his own doing. They live a life of complete failure always blaming the luck and the entire world for his failure.

Then there are those people, who are good natured, reliable continually winning friends, intelligent and love his work, has a fine reputation for honesty, worthy of all success.

The majority fall in the middle. They have everything that can be expected out a well mannered, cultured, and progressive minded. Yet they are baffled by frequent failures interspersed with some success.

The defeat in life of one who appears so deserving of victory seems to prove that success cannot be assured by the development of individual characteristics alone and by doing specific things.

You need to develop skills and knowledge that go beyond positive attitude and characteristics. One must take responsibility for the failure as success is not outside but within us. Each specific failure needs to be analyzed for specific lack and corrected. What are those essential factors that one has missed out?

It is important to be persistent and not give up as we may just be one step away from success at the very moment we give up and accept failure. We have read enough stories of huge gold finds when a man has given up the mining in sheer frustration and sold off the mine to someone else. Don't sell your mine for peanuts when you can persist and strike a rich vein of gold.

Though we have heard it often it is best to remember that failures are the steps to success.

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